I’m happy. My new job is cool. I’ve been here about a month now. Living alone is still great. I’m very happy in my personal life as well. Won’t go into details there. On Monday my final payment will be made to pay off the $21,000 person loan I had to take out to pay off wedding debt, credit card debt from living expenses etc while taking the bar. I was this close to filing bankruptcy in 2007, consulted an attorney and everything then took a chance and Bank of America gave me that loan. I saved my credit (back in the 770-780s) and I’m amazed I got it done in a little over 4 years. God is amazing. That jack hole that owed me some of the money (ex-husband) of course got off the hook but I am blessed and that’s no longer my concern.

Just booked a cruise for July. Going to Key West, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. Doing well with my workouts and ok with eating. Hopefully I’ll be down 20# by then, if not I will be healthier and that is also important.