So K had the committee meeting on Thursday for his dissertation. They approved (or whatever the proper term is) so he has a few changes to make but then it should be published! I was really excited for him.

My big news I can finally disclose…I GOT A NEW JOB! I am very excited about it. I start on 1/3/12. I’m going to be working as an associate general counsel for a bigger company that’s a pseudo-government agency. The salary is good and the benefits are great. My office took it well. One of the partners said to me “I’m going to miss you, what am I going to do without you” lol it was nice. We had our attorney lunch yesterday and it was good.

K and I went on one of those harbor cruises to celebrate his phD being finished and it was fun. At one point though he started tearing up while thinking about his dad. When he recovered, he looked at his phone and it had a message “dad missed call” it was so amazing. I believe in signs. I really think that message was his dad’s way of telling him that he’s ok where he is and K will be ok too.

I get the week off between Christmas and New Years, before I start my new job. I can’t wait to have that week to relax. I may have a spa day or something too. The headaches I’ve had for over a month may be subsiding. I think it may be related to the Nuvaring. I hate how sensitive I am to medication sometimes. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing for birth control now. I’ve seriously tried and hated for one reason or another most forms of birth control. There’s one pill I didn’t mind too much but really can’t imagine remembering to take a pill every day again. I guess we’ll figure it out somehow.