Haven’t posted in awhile, life has been busy busy busy. Work is still work. Partner’s daughter got engaged around Thanksgiving. If you knew the history behind her being hired, the office politics etc you know this was a definite annoyance. I took the high road and congratulated her when I saw her. Can you believe the old 70 or 80 something year old security guard at the court had the nerve to tell me about it and then ask when I’m getting married. Oh he is still on my shit list for that lack of tact and decorum. You don’t ask a 30 year old woman that question like ever.

K’s bday was last Thursday. Pretty eventful. He went out to dinner with his mom, aunt and a few friends and while out got the fateful call, his father passed away. I cried when he told me. Bad enough he didn’t get to see him (father was in Trinidad) but for him to die on K’s bday will be a constant reminder every year, every birthday. There’s family drama re the funeral apparently since his father’s bday would have been this Thursday. Some folks want to bury him that day. K thinks that’s cold. I don’t really get it. I mean he’s gone so the day he gets buried doesn’t seem significant to me.

Still having migraines or at least headaches almost daily. It’s at least been a month. I know I need to have it checked out. Working out is going well. The Butt Bible is still cracking me up but keeping me engaged. Life is moving along.