I’ve been pretty busy lately. Lots going on. Somethings look like they’re going well and others going better.

I had my annual appointment with my gyn. I love this practice. I was in and out in under an hour. My old practice, I actually would have to schedule my appointments for a day off because I would sit there for half a day. This place doesn’t make me pay a co-pay at all, since apparently my insurance allows 1 well woman visit annually. The old office tried to tell me they count as specialists so I had to pay the higher copay (I told them hell no on that one). This office calls me with test results so I don’t have to come in just to hear everything is fine. I think my gyn thinks I’m crazy because of some of my requests like for blood type testing and every year I tell her to test me for every STD known to man and HIV. She made me laugh today saying, but you have a boyfriend, we did HIV last year. I said yeah and I had a husband who cheated and got someone else pregnant. lol I may seem paranoid but I consider myself vigilant.

Other than that, trying to figure out if i can get this condo after all. It’s so dang complicated. K’s not doing too well since his dad’s condition is worse.