So I’m back from Hawaii. The trip was fun and restful although I woke up by 6:30 almost every morning. LOL the jet lag is kind of kicking my butt however I did make it into work today. I definitely had a headache in the afternoon but I hung in there. I got some really good news on my actual birthday which was really cool. Still can’t disclose it till everything is totally official.

We went to lots of beaches, did some shopping, took a helicopter tour and went to a Luau. The helicopter tour and Luau were on my actual birthday. Of course on the plane ride, dude tells the cabin crew it’s my birthday and they make an announcement over the PA system including that the trip is for my 30th birthday. lol later on when we were at the Luau the biggest Hawaiian dancer pulls me up and makes me dance with him, of course dude records the whole thing on him phone. I couldn’t believe it.

There are way too many chickens and roosters in Kauai. They crow all day long! We even saw a duel between two roosters. LOL

All in all, we had a great time, had wonderful food and met nice people. I’m now back at home, completely unpacked (made sure we did laundry the day before we left to come home). Pics will be up on facebook by the weekend for those who are friends with me there.