So much going on right now. I fully moved in last weekend. That was rough. K was at homecoming in Atlanta so it was my mom, dad, little sister and I. My dad took me to rent a uhaul, drove it and we all helped pack and unload it. By 1:30 Sunday I had an apartment full of stuff. I spent hours unpacking clothes and shoes. Little by little I’ve unpacked and reorganized and now I just have a box of mugs and glasses and another bin with miscellaneous stuff left.

We leave for Hawaii Sunday. I’m super excited! I have some other exciting potential news but i’ll save any announcements till it’s definite.

Love living alone. First night was a little lonely especially with no tv and limited Internet on my phone and iPad. The phone, cable and Internet were installed yesterday. Tonight is our 4th counseling session. We’re supposed to go over some financial worksheets tonight. We may have one more session when we get back. We’ll find out later.

So many things up in the air right now but enough to make this potentially my best birthday ever. New apartment with potential to be new condo, new relationship with my dad, and two other possibles. No one be dumb and ask if it involves a bambino, the answer is hell no! Lol