Had a good time this weekend. Friday mom went through some of the stuff she’s giving me including glasses, pots and pans , bowls etc. then saturday after she came back from school. We went shopping. I got a lot of the stuff on my list like a shower curtain, cleaning supplies, kitchen towels etc. Saturday night K came over after I’d started cleaning out and sorting through my stuff in my room. I made some headway there. Then last night we went down to tackle the basement. I got rid of lots of clothes, old text books and random crap. We basically packed up all my stuff down there. This week I’ll finish with the stuff in my room and then we should be able to move everything before we go to Hawaii. If K isn’t here though, we may not be able to move the stuff until the weekend after we come back from Hawaii. I’d rather do it before but we’ll see what happens. I’m happy we got so much done last night. We were in the basement for about 4 hours. My room should be less than that now to actually pack everything. I felt like I was procrastinating so it’s great we’re actually ahead of schedule. My dad says he’s planning to move out by the end of this week so I’m hoping things line up with moving on 10/29. Then I can relax on the trip except I’ll have to unpack when we get back.

In other comical news, I’m at work (actually in court) with pants that have a zipper that won’t stay up. I think it’s broken. It seems to be staying up right now but I’m lucky I’m wearing a shirt long enough to cover it. I’m wearing new shoes that are pinching one of my toes. I also have an annoying afternoon ahead of me. In good news, I have a much better looking day tomorrow in court and I can finally go get my hair done. K and I have session 3 of our counseling on Wednesday. Always a fun time.