K and I had our second pre-engagement counseling session today. The counselor had the results from our inventories and said that we’re considered a harmonious couple. Meaning that in general we agree on most major areas and only have a few area in which we disagree. I got to our session like 45 minutes late! I’m usually punctual. I definitely have my moments. I guess because today was a holiday, I think the trains were on a modified schedule. I left home a little late but it still took over an hour and a half to get from my house in Brooklyn to 86th street. Ugh and K is the one who’s usually late and he got there on time today.

I had a good acupuncture session today as well. Very relaxing although the woman next to me was snoring!

I’m still down 7 pounds. Another 15-20 to go. Back to work tomorrow.

It looks like I’m moving in less than a month and it’s stressing me out a little. I know everything will be done somehow though. It’s partially stressful because I’m going on vacation right around my birthday so I’ll have to move in after that.