Hey everyone. I’m still here. I’ve been sick the last few months, seen a bunch of specialists and honestly still feel like crap. It started around late June/early July. I had a cold or something that was pretty bad and then I started getting dizzy spells. It’s happened before and the last time I ended up seeing my ENT then I was fine. I had just seen the ENT in June so I knew it wasn’t the same problem. I saw my primary doc who’s an internist. He prescribed antivert. If you’ve ever taken super benadryl then yeah that’s how I felt. My head was in such a fog, I could hardly get my thoughts out and I felt so tired. So I decided I would only take it in emergency situations. So I finally went back to my ENT when the headaches started. He checked me out. I had an alarming hearing test. On one side, I heard everything. In the other ear, it sounded like I was hearing under water. So he referred me to an audiologist for more tests. The audiologist also had some interesting news.


I have excellent hearing for my age, overall, however I have a notch in my hearing as well. That means there’s a particular frequency I can’t hear in either ear. I can hear the higher one and a lower one, but that one, not at all. It can be caused by head trauma, so he asked if I ever had a blow to the head, a car accident etc. It can also be caused by some childhood illnesses or listening to music too loud, working in a noisy environment. It could also be from listening to an ipod too loud so now I have to get my hearing checked annually. I’ve accumulated quite a list of annual docs for someone without a chronic condition (primary care physician, gyn, ENT, eye doctor, dentist 2x a year, now the audiologist as well). He did some other tests and it doesn’t seem like I have a tumor in my brain but my ears are barely working to balance, my eyes are actually doing more to balance me. So at this point I’m in stage 2 of this condition (labrynthitis) and it could last until the end of the year. Oh joy. I’m also starting to get nausea and headaches more often as well. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was pregnant. So while googling these other symptoms, other folks with the same symptoms and the same diagnosis continued to have problems for a long time and saw many many specialists (cardiologists etc) had MRIs, EKGs, EEGs, CT scans etc and no new diagnosis or help. Some eventually went to an osteopath or chiropractor who said they had a pinched nerve in the neck that led to decreased blood flow to the head causing the symptoms. So that’s my next choice. I am sick of feeling sick. Even when I have a good day, it’s rarely the whole day. This experience has made me appreciate feeling good and healthy for days/weeks on end. K had been great through this whole process. I’m pretty frustrated though, I mean we’re in September.

I’m keeping all those who were affected by 9/11, lost family members and friends in my thoughts today. 9 years later and it’s still not easier.


Work is ok. Been a little difficult especially since I’m not feeling well. They’re getting me an ipad though so that’s cool! K and I are still on. Kinda funny that this is my second longest relationship at 1+ year. The longest was 10+ years though. We’ve got a ways to go.