Hey people!

I got back from my latest trip on Monday. Mom, my little sister and I went to Toronto. There happened to be a National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) conference at our hotel at the same time. My first thought checking in was “there sure are a lot of brown people in Toronto” then I saw the schedule for the conference.

Toronto is a very beautiful city. It was so clean. We were really impressed with how active everyone was. People were running, walking dogs, biking and rollerblading everywhere. That was definitely inspirational.

Toronto was also very diverse. We saw people of so many different ethnicities and there were so many interracial couples! I thought it was really beautiful. I saw a lot more black woman/white man couples than ever. seems like I see that outside of the US a lot more than in it. I remembered noticing that in London too. Toronto was also somewhat expensive. Their tax rate is something like 13% depending on what you buy so buying clothes etc. can really be expensive.

On our way back to NY, I got to stalk my first celeb! In the airport, I noticed right away that this man looked like Lennox Lewis. My mom and sister are not boxing fans at all! So I tried taking a pic w/ my cell but alas the iPhone does not have zoom yet (thank God OS 4 will have 5x digital zoom). So then when he and his family (wife and 3 kids) were boarding the plane, I took a short video w/ my flip cam! So happy dude got it for me for valentine’s day. so now I have proof that I did see the boxing legend! I didn’t get his autograph as I didn’t know if he would have been annoyed traveling with his wife and kids but maybe the next star I see (like that’s likely) I’ll just go for it. If the person ends up being a jerk then I’ll have that story to tell!

Dude and I going strong 9 months (almost) later. Work is fine although every so often I think I’ll run away to sell beach chairs or jetski rentals. I may actually get my wish there sooner or later…