Hey all (which probably is only 4 people lol).

Happy holidays to you all! I am doing well. Started yet another new job. I have an amazing view from my office. The people I work with are great and it’s a much more relaxed environment.

The dude is still around (5 months later if you’re counting). We’re great, in love and all is well with the world. He’s been under the weather lately but he’s getting better. We did the whole meeting the mothers thing awhile back and all went well. We’re seeing Wintuk on 1/2/10. I’m excited. We’re also planning a trip next December, most likely Brazil. I just came back from Rome and Madrid in November. Had my first cruise to the Bahamas labor day weekend. Having a great time travelling.

No condo or apt news right now, I’m re-evaluating where I want to go in that realm.

Mom and sis are great.