You all know how the saying goes. My last post was about my lack of prospects and now the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Yvonne has kept to her goal of being more social and dragging me along for the ride. Not complaining though. A few weeks ago we went on the whack power 105 boat ride in which we were subjected to cold ass Chinese fried rice for dinner and corny unattractive men calling us gay b/c fat and ugly is not a turn on. Go figure.

Sunday we went to the annual heatwave BBQ in Prospect Park. Standing on line for almost 3 hours for food sucked but it was a cool event. Met some interesting folks. A few new dating prospects in the works. The most promising is double doc. He’s in the md/phd program at Columbia and wants to do cell modification research as well as specialize as a pediatric hematologist. He also owns a company specializing in educational programs, SAT prep, etiquette, life skills etc for charter schools and private high schools in NYC. Ambition is so sexy. He’s a total humanitarian too. Lol he’s trying to take the graduating seniors to South Africa at the end of this school year w/ funding from the world bank. He’s a genius and it’s pretty rare for me to meet a dude I think is smarter than I am. You ladies know what I mean. We’re supposed to hang out Sunday and we’ll see what happens. He said he’s interested but is moving at a snail’s pace I’m not used to, but change is good for the soul right? It’s crazy how much we have in common. He’s also from Trinidad, he loves to travel (spent 6 months travelling after HS and visited 14 countries), he like broadway shows, opera, museums and all that stuff I love. He intimidates me a bit but everyone keeps telling me to remember how fabulous I am. Lol

I’m in the process of buying a condo. Not much more info on that till it’s a done deal but the place is in Brooklyn.