Today I was in Subway’s getting my lunch and this guy in front of me decides he wants to strike up a convo. His opening line “so are you going to buy me a sandwich?” If you’ve ever seen me in person you’d know the look on my face as I responded “No” so then he asks if I’m having a bad day, I said “no I just don’t have time for people asking me stupid questions.” Then he has the nerve to ask me if I go to church. I said “well I haven’t gone in like a year but I did go regularly for awhile.” So he says yeah he would have been surprised if i said yes I do. WTF seriously why, someone please tell me why there are so many obnoxious, gold digging assholes that think that I owe them something? Granted he said he was just kidding but really I feel like guys nowadays have no class and the intelligence of rice. I mean that was one of the worst possible thing to say to me considering my history (the buy me a sandwich thing). I’m sick of cheap, lazy, mooching assholes that think a woman is supposed to be proud to pay for their shit so they can sit around on their asses like King fucking Tut. The more I experience of the world, the more likely it seems that I will be the childless cat lady because I refuse to settle for the poor excuses for men that are out there nowadays. If you have a decent guy in your life, I truly hope you appreciate him because the pickins are slim.