Someone else wrote one of these and I really loved it.

You’re 17 years old. I know you think you’re smart and you are and mature but you have so much to learn about life and people in general. You think that he loves you but he’s a liar and pathetic but you will continue to try to see the best in him. Maybe you have self esteem issues and you know why but love yourself more than anyone else. It may sound selfish but you need to know this. Listen to what everyone else is telling you also. Everyone can’t be wrong. I’m sure you’ll be surprised that your mom will be right and some of the decisions you’ll make will be the best and worst of your life. Your heart was pure and you married him but your heart will heal and things will get better. Maybe you should never have married him, maybe you should have walked away in the beginning but you didn’t and you learned more than you would ever want to about heartbreak. That said, you’ll also learn just how strong you are, just how long you can go without shedding tears and moving on and starting over. Was it all worth it? Even I can’t answer that. But, after everything, I still believe that everything happens for a reason. After everything that I’ve been through, I know that something good usually happens after something seemingly terrible. Bar exam crap to being admitted; awful job to happy career; farce of a marriage to…remains to be seen. Still cautiously optimistic though.