I figured it’s been months so I should update…work is good. Divorce still pending because he is an idiot and NY makes divorce way too hard and complicated. I bet getting a gun license is much easier. Went to PR for a week, came back Friday to the snow and thought I need to find out what the requirements are to practice law in PR. Pics are posted on FB if you’re my friend on there, you can see them. Had so much fun and more than enough mojitos. So not feeling the holidays this year as you know the divorce and all that crap are not giving me warm and fuzzy feelings. If I didn’t post before, pg chick is having a boy, yea for the jackass, the world needs another boy to be screwed up by a deadbeat, good for nothing loser father. Praying 2009 will make up for the enlightening catastrophe that was 2008. Happy holidays to all!

Peace Out.