Have you ever met someone who always had an unbelievable story to tell so much so that you seriously doubted his/her veracity? Well I’ve got yet another story related to the bar exam. Some of you know that there were issues with the bar exam in July for those of us who took it using laptops. So the bar examiners were supposedly verifying that they had all the essays and sending emails confirming it. I receive one such email on August 15, 2007. Well yesterday I got another email saying that their records indicate that they need my archive files from my computer. The email looked weird because it was from a person i.e. the email address was in the format of John.Doe@nybarexam.org but before all the other emails came from Administration@nybarexam.org. It didn’t have my name in the email or my BOLE ID either so I thought it was a fake email or something. I call the bar examiners today and of course the email is REAL!!!!!!!! How lovely that in October, about 1 month or so before the results are supposed to come out, they finally decide to notify me that they don’t think they have my complete essays. Supposedly some people’s essays have been overwritten (as reported by the graders) so stay tuned until whenever the results actually come out. Did I mention that I started crying when the woman at BOLE told me that the email was real. What’s really funny as well is that I almost threw out my old laptop with the archive files because it was on its last legs right after the bar exam. Thank God something told me to keep it till the results come out.