My first day of work was good. I have lots to learn and there’s lots of work to be done but I welcome the challenge! I am still so grateful for this opportunity. I’ll be working from 9-7 but maybe leaving a little earlier on Fridays. Some of the staff including my boss took me out for drinks and appetizers after work. The pub we went to was really cool since it reminded me of London. It had tube station signs up and stuff like that. I like my little office. I still need my printer but everything else is set up nicely. My boss said I did a good job with the tasks I was given on Friday. I went to church last night then out to dinner with my friend (her treat as a congrats on my new job). I’ll have to return the favor once my paycheck sstart coming in because she just closed on her condo last Monday and she’s only 25! I’m so happy for her. All is well in my world. Thank God!