I think I got really used to not updating from when I was studying for the bar! I’m doing ok. Wedding is now 3weeks from today. Look forward to the honeymoon. Pretty much packed and ready. Did the seating chart on Tuesdayor Wednesday. I need to decide if I’m going to do the programs on not. I designed them but my printer is not working too well and I don’t know if I want to deal with Kinkos. I like the programs but I don’t think they’re an absolute necessity. We’ll see. I’m still procrastinating on getting my dress altered but pretty much everything else has been done. A few more loose ends to tie up and that’s it!

I joined the Slim Down group here on Xanga. They’re starting on May 1st but I won’t be here (I’ll be in DR on my honeymoon) so I guess I’ll try when I come back. I’ve been thinking of doing one of those park bootcamps for 6 weeks. I just hate waking up early (like the workout starts at 5:55 am)! We’ll see. I feel like I need to lose minimum 10 pounds, ideally 20 pounds would take me back to my prime weight (around 135).