Figured I’d update. I’m still studying and whatnot. lol The bar is like 10 weeks away. I got my NY essays back and have no idea why my grades were so low. My organization was good, I knew the rules so I guess there may be an issue with focusing on the proper issue i.e. the gray area as opposed to the stuff that can be easily explained and dealt with using the rules. Been meeting with new tutor, he’s somewhat helpful and not too expensive so it helps. We may be buying a house in Newark, not too many details there but I’m excited, my friend (ex-best if you know the story) lives around the area and it’s pretty close to the court houses and stuff. I think this might be why I failed the bar, to give way to this opportunity. If I had passed, most likely I would have a job already and we would not have been able to get the house (max. income restriction). I’ll post more when I know something. Hope everyone is well.