I forgot to post about this yesterday. How bout I had a job interview yesterday. The firm called me the day I found out I failed NY. Well I decided to go in and try to be as happt and “on” as I could muster considering my disappointment and devastation. Any way, so the attorney that interviewed me did ask about whether I passed the bar and I said no and she said it’s no big deal and not a deal breaker for the associate position. She said that there are other things I can do until I pass and her best friend in law school actually failed his first time taking it (she said she just barely passed her first try). She showed me this huge stack of resumes they received for the position and the tiny pile that were being interviewed (15 total) they are going to narrow it down to 3-5 to come back and meet with the senior partner. I really liked the firm and the attorney who interviewed me was really nice, the other attorney that is there is part-time now because she has two little boys (good to know that’s an option at that firm). She also told me that the senior partner is really good about working with associates and bringing in clients and sending you to CLEs on areas you are interested in. She said when she first started the firm hardly had a family law practice and she was able to learn more about it and then he brought in the clients and cases for her to work on. I really love that. I know what is meant to be will be and God will give me what is mine so I just have to wait. I am a lot calmer now about the failure. Knowing that I got so close helps because now I know I will pass in February, just need a little more work and to review all that I did before. Since I am giving myself 14 weeks this time instead of like 10, I think I can do it part-time if I work full-time. I know God didn’t put this opportunity in front of me to fail.

Edit: got NY and it is really low. I needed 665, I got 608. This really sucks. Everytime there’s an up, there’s another down.

Edit 2: I thought about it and granted it’s almost 60 points but that’s out of 1000 so really a 6% increase really isn’t that much. I refuse to let this hold me down. I want it. I deserve it and I will work for it. 3 months and this will all be over, then comes the wedding, the fabulous honeymoon in Aruba and then in May I’ll find out I passed NY and in June I’ll be ready to finance my 2003 Jetta! I really hope everything works out with this firm but if not something else will come along. My mom always tells me what is for me, I will have.