So I filled out the application fo admission today! Not that the bar results are out at all but I figure that even if the worst happens (and I failed the bar) then at least I should have all the paperwork ready for when I do pass. I made separate pdf files for the employment affidavit and the character affidavits. I emailed the 4 supervisors I need affidavits from and also the two character people (neither of which is an attorney since it can’t be an employment affidavit person). I picked my mom’s boss who has been a close friend of the family for so many years and my sister’s godmother (who works for a big firm in NYC but she isn’t an atty). I filled out the law school affidavit form and those I’ll actually snail mail to the two law schools. It was time consuming filling all this out but it was easier than NJ’s application (which is really long before you even take the bar exam). NJ wanted 10 years of employment (I think) if you have it and 10 years of addresses. Thankfully since I’m only 25, I only had to give addresses since the age of 21. If you include college housing, I’ve seriously had like 10 addresses in 10 years even though some I lived in for 3-4 years. I’m really hoping it’s not a jinx to fill out the forms and hopefully everyone will get back to me by the end of the month so I could send out the forms (if I passed) early December.