Today is such a weird day. 5 years ago I was a 19 year old college junior. I was still living on campus at Stony Brook but came home pretty frequently since I worked in a hospital in Brooklyn 21 hours a week. This was my last semester living on campus. I was on the phone early in the morning to my then boyfriend D. I got off the phone when it was time for me to get ready to go to class. I walked to the bathroom and one of my suite mates told me a plane had hit one of the twin towers, I thought wow, what’s wrong with that pilot. I went to my first class (probably started at 9). Class was uneventful. My next class was a geology class at 11:10. I got there and only a few students were there. The professor told us another plane had hit and that we wouldn’t have class that day. For awhile I was somewhat calm. Worried about what was going on but not sure who I knew that could be in that area. Then I remembered my dad. My dad and I don’t always get along and have gone a whole year without speaking just because. I remembered that he was working in Manhattan somewhere (he works in construction). I tried to call him, D, my mom, my best friend. I could reach no one. It was like I was trapped on Long Island while God knows what was going on in NYC. I got back to my room and just had the news on, I kept crying I was so scared for my dad. I saw some other students going to give blood at an emergency blood drive. I couldn’t go (I’m anemic). I sat in my room. There were no trains running to get off LI. Finally in the evening someone reached me. I think it was D, he said he was fine and he loved me. I think he spoke to my mom and she and my sister were fine. No one had reached my dad. I kept trying to call on my room phone, my cell phone. Finally I reached him and he was fine. I just couldn’t imagine if something had happened to him. Even though we didn’t get along all the time, I still love my dad. I was relieved that he was ok. I honestly can’t imagine what the people who were close to ground zero went through. It’s a tragedy what happened that day, and even now, I can’t go gawk at ground zero, I feel like it would offend all the souls that died there. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years. I guess it’s hitting me this much because I’ve had school many 9/11 since then and this is my first year where I haven’t had school.