My life sucks! I won’t even ask what else could happen because I know something worse will happen. Last month I went to pay one of my credit card bills and ended up doing it though their website instead of my bank’s. My checking account information didn’t take so they sent for payment from an account that’s been closed for several years. They proceeded to raise my interest rate from 7.99 fixed and 3.99 fixed that I had on a balance transfer till paid off to 29.99% for both!!!!!! I fucking hate chase. I had called about the payment issue and still made the payment on time and asked them to refund the fee. They did it. These assholes will not change my rate back. I spoke to a supervisor and she said I had to write a letter to the correspondence department and see if they will reinstate my rate. If they don’t I’m fucked! I’ll have to get a loan or something because I’m not paying almost $200 in interest every month. I don’t know what I did to deserve this bullshit.