Lots to update on today:

I got my seat assignment for the NJ bar and of course I’m way out there in Whippany, NJ at some catering hall. Now I was on jdjive and people were talking and that’s how I figured out that the seat assignments were posted since they haven’t mailed me a damn thing. I registered really early too like a month before the first deadline. Anyway, I got a hotel room and I may just take the train because I really don’t feel like driving 35 miles at night alone twice (once the night before the test and the drive back the next night). NJ really is so disorganized. I didn’t even see any update on the website that the seat assignments were posted I just happened upon the right drop down menu.

I have an interview where I worked last semester (legal aid in Manhattan) finally. It’s a 3 interview process though. On Monday I’m meeting with an attorney I interned with at the AG’s office and he used to work where I’m interviewing and knows the interviewer who’s the head of the office (“very, very well”) too. He’s going to help me prep for the interview. It sounds promising.