Forgot to post this. The other day I spoke to Mr. P about getting into real estate law, he gave me some good advice. Any way, so he paid me a compliment it was really nice. He said that I’m patient in dealing with the other students, I’m calm under pressure which is a good quality to have at closings and that I’m sociable and people like me. I thought that was really nice. God sends me confidence boosters all the time. I greatly appreciate it! I have the oddest calm feeling. I get them every so often around tests, I usually do my best on those exams so I have a feeling I’ll be fine on the bar exam, so says my bar tutor and I believe it! Just need to learn the law well and I should be fine. I just need to memorize my mnemonics since they really help with answering the essays. Lovely weekend of studying ahead of me.

D is so cute. He came up to me this afternoon and asked me when we can go to breakfast again (we went one Sunday about 2 weeks ago). He said he really enjoyed it! Isn’t that sweet!