So the bar exam is about 4 weeks away. Need to start kicking my studying up a notch. I got an iteresting call the other day. One of the Rockland Conuty Attorneys got my resume and even though they are looking for an already admitted attorney, they are looking for someone who has EEOC experience. Since I have EEOC experience my resume stood out. He also contacted me because he graduated from my school so I guess he though it was nice to see another alum’s resume. He told me to call him back when I’m admitted so maybe a job might be available for me. I’d have to move to Rockland County but it’s not that far and is a nice suburb-type area. D probably won’t move with me at least not for awhile since he’s getting a new job here in Brooklyn and the work day starts at 7:30 AM. So I’d live up there and come down here on weekends. Kinda crazy for the first years of marriage but well it’s not new to us, the only difference is that we’ll actually be married this time around.