Today was not bad at all…well sort of. I woke up around 7 AM after going to bed a 3 AM, D still wasn’t home because he spent the night at that piece of shit Kings County waiting to have his Asthma treated. He called me and really woke me up a little after 9am telling me to get dressed so we could go to a diner. He needed food before finally getting to sleep. So we went to eat and it was cool then he drove me to the LIRR. I got on my train to head back to school to meet the professor for my bar tutoring. He was running a little late with the other guy that he meets before me and we are supposed to meet for 2 hours. We met from about 12:45 to 4 PM! I have homework to do also but I feel really positive about the experience thus far. He’s helping me to write my essays seven better and he says using his system, I can get maybe 2 points higher per essay. On my first two practice essays I got a 6 and a 9. 10 being the highest but I don’t take much stock in the 9 since I looked at the answer for formatting issues but the 6 was all me. Generally 5 is average so I think all 5s on the essays and a decent MBE score would mean a pass bar score. I obviously want to ensure that I can do even better than average since there’s a chance they’ll include some crap I don’t know how to deal with or an aspect of that particular law that I just can’t wrap my head around. I say today was sort of good because I now have to try and do 3 practice essays that need to be handed in tomorrow and the homework from my bar tutor. I started reviewing my notes for the essays yesterday but since I was trying to catch up on everything else it is now an issue because it’s already almost 7 PM.

I love Walgreens! The one near the law school always has good stuff. I’m rewriting key points out by hand so I bought a binder and notebook paper. I got more notebook paper and dividers and it was so cheap. The dividers were on sale for 95 cents. I also finally got my exfoliation gloves and I only paid 2.99. I’m sure at sephora or somewhere else it would be 5 or 6 dollars.