Studying for the bar is making me crazy. I’ve always been a little off, I think most people are, but this shit is on some other level. I am stressed out since you know looking for a job and thinking about the mounting costs of everything, the broke factor and the wtf was I thinking when I decided I wanted to go to law school? My friend who I guess graduated from U of Wisconsin law school isn’t even taking the bar at all, she doesn’t even want to practice and she’s wanted to be a lawyer since like Junior high or maybe even younger than that. She’s probably off in Europe right now. lol. I keep missing London, like seriously missing it, I miss Cafe Nero and the little Muffin Man shop that had the absolute best tea ever. I miss Kensington and I seriously want to go back there but of course I’d probably end up one of the few homeless people in London and there’s no way I’d try to figure out what their equivalent of the bar exam is and actually take it to become a solicitor or whatever. How fucked up can life get? Granted there are people with much worse problems out there but shit, why didn’t I marry one of those asshole middle-aged doctors when I had the chance? People really don’t realize how valuable a marriage of convenience can be.