It’s so hot out. WTF is up with the weather. It’s spring, it’s not supposed to be 80 degrees! What hell does summer have in store for me this year? Still looking for jobs and sending out my resume while in breaks from studying for the bar. Back to bar review class tonight and I have no breaks this week! We have class from today until Sunday. In all this heat I’m cooking steaks in the oven. That’s dedication. I had to season 3 different kinds of meat yesterday since I’m so busy and usually not in the mood when I come home. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve full out cooked so I figure I can do it in the morning/afternoons before going to class. This guy I know didn’t show up to graduation, however he had a person down to be his guest hooder and everything. I wonder what happened. Any way, everyone have a blessed day, hopefully full of shade and coolness.