So being site director is um…interesting. So generally everyone has been cool however why did someone have to pull the bitch card today? This girl comes up during the break and wants to borrow the DVD for yesterday’s class, I tell her that she’s supposed to do it before class. In a rather bitchy tone she says she came in 5 minutes before class started and no one was at the table. Well no shit sherlock, I leave at 5:40 so I can put everything away and be there when class starts at 5:45 as per Mr. Pieper’s directive. This isn’t the first time this moronic bitch devoid of common sense has come in late and then acted like I am supposed to cater to her stupid ass. This short bitch better chill the fuck out before I use her mini me ass as a football. I show up at 5 PM everyday even though I’m only supposed to be there from 5:15 and then I have to deal with idiots like this. Good luck on the bar shit for brains.

FYI if you can’t tell, I have a bad temper and an intense hatred for assholes that lack common sense. Stupid people really make me sick! 3 days to graduation!!!!