Less than 3 weeks left. I intended to go to the liquor store last night and buy a bottle of my favorite champagne but didn’t bother since I got home at 8 pm. Two papers down, 1 with 3 pages left to go and 1 final on Friday. All graduation requirements done except perspective requirment (enrolled in course now) and going to stupid exit counselling tomorrow. I don’t know why it’s not online. I’ve already consolidated my loans, got a good interest rate on the federals (4.25%), I know how much I owe and when repayment begins. Why I need to tavel 4 hours round trip, I don’t know. Working on the last paper. I want to go back to London. I seriously miss it. I asked D if he would move there and the answer was no. lol. I just really miss it. I don’t remember ever feeling this way about a place I went on vacation before. Too bad no big firm with a division in London wants me. I can’t believe it’s less than 3 weeks.

ETA: D bought the champagne on his way back from the store!