Not much to update on. I was offered (and accepted) the site director position for during bar review. At the end of bar review, I’ll get a check for $800! God has been really good to me. So I just filled out an application for this affordable housing program in Montclair, NJ. They are building new condos in that city and they are pretty reasonably priced! They should be built by April 2007! Of course this matters because that’s when D and I are getting married. I also found out that our wedding date was the birthday of Coretta Scott King! She would have been 80 on our wedding day. I loved her because she was so graceful and beautiful, intelligent, a great mother, and wonderful role model for women today. I’m still working on papers, they’re due by monday mostly. I know I’ll get them done. I can’t believe it, graduation in 24 days.