Tomorrow at this time I’ll be on a plane to London, somewhere over the Atlantic already maybe, I can’t wait. Fingerprinting was fine but it took forever to find the place. Newark! Ugh, and I’ll have to take the NJ bar exam in NJ. I think I’ll have to take the path train in or something because driving there was not fun already. It took us 2 hours to find it. We did get to see Newark Airport though, not that that’s like any highlight of the day. I’m all packed and ready to go. All vouchers and receipts printed out. I of course have not done much school work even though I wanted to start on it before leaving. Doubt I’ll post anything more before Tuesday when I get back or even maybe Wednesday. On Thursday (next week) I’m going to go into Legal Aid. Attorney has a trial starting Tuesday that sounds mighty interesting. This will be my first trial so I am excited. I finished up the Legal Aid application and I’ll be sending it out possibly tomorrow before going to the airport. I have an appointment with a makeup artist on 4/22 to do a trial of my wedding makeup. Her work looks good, hopefully I’ll like her and book her and then I’ll officially be done planning till August. Ciao people!