lawyers are total assholes and many are really fake too!

to give you the true perspective of why I feel like this…

So I found out some dramalicious bull at school (the dean changed the grades in one of my classes) and I knew that I got a much better grade. I meet with him about it next week. My car has issues and on saturday I have to take it to get the axle fixed and it may have alignment problems (luckily my step-dad is my mechanic). I called this law firm about my resume and cover letter (just to see if they received it since the mailbox was really full when I put my stuff in there last week) and there’s no rejection letter or anything yet. So I don’t know the attorney’s secretary’s name. I dial his extension since I figure his secretary would answer. HE answers the phone “hello” doesn’t state his name or anything. I ask is this Mr. B—-? He says yes. I identify myself and say I was just calling to find out if they received my stuff. He says “Just so you know, calling me is NOT the way to get a job!” so I tell him, I intended to speak with his secretary, he says “well they leave at 5 (it was 5:15) and we’re finished hiring for the summer anyway.” I get off the phone. This guy was such a jerk! I’m not even applying for a summer job and I think I’d have to be a joker to apply in March for a summer job! This guy was a speaker on a real estate law panel I attended last week and made a big show of how he always does volunteer work and how he likes to mentor students because he didn’t have one when he was in law school. I hate fake people!