Made my goal for the week! I went to the gym again today. I stayed about 1.5 hours but I did total body again. Not too sore this morning which is good. I drove over to the one closest to the apt. it wasn’t much of a drive but the idiot weekend drivers were out (lol I’m a weekend driver but I drive better). I had no idea it was in a mall or something. Next time I might hit up the grocery store that’s right there too. I finally got on an elliptical today. They are pretty cool. I burned 250 cals in 33 minutes and felt like I could have kept going. I was sweating so much. I drank my whole 24 oz bottle of water and had to add more while I was on the elliptical. Will def. try to head back over there next Saturday and maybe I’ll head over there on Thursday also instead of heading to the city.