So yesterday was the day the professor was supposed to give me my paper so that I could revise it before he submitted it as my advance writing requirement via independent research (he’s had it since December remember?) so I ask him if he has it for me today and he says, he submitted it to the registrar. I know I told him I needed it back for revision/feedback before he submitted it but he said it’s a good paper and did not need revision, does this mean an A? We shall see. So far I think I have all of my grad requirements done now. I just need to hand in the form for my pro bono requirement (finally had attorney sign it). I haven’t handed it in yet since I want to make copies to cover my ass. Not having another issue like with independent research (dean of students almost dropped me from the class because I gave form to professor with abstract of paper and, dean of students never got it, had to fill out again about a month ago). Making copies of everything. I will be graduating in May. About to apply for a court attorney job. I’d love it, pay’s good and so are benefits. It’s in the crim court in NYC, my latest stomping grounds! We shall see. Cross your fingers and keep praying for me if you do, I need all the help I can get.

:ETA: I got an A- on the paper.