Woke up feeling even worse today. My mom think I need to eat more. Isn’t life so fucked up. You try to lose weight and you get all light headed and stupid crap like that even though you’re eating a good amount (up to 1660 cals a day). So what I should stop trying to lose weight now? Such bullshit. I had to restrain myself from backhanding this little brat on the train. Her father or whoever he was, kept telling her not to kick me and the little bitch kept kicking me in the shin then she friggin picks up her leg and kicks me in the thigh. Little bitch. I hope no one will be dumb enough to comment on how I hate kids. I honestly love children especially well behaved, thoughtful children. I think most would be that way with good parenting. She was so lucky I was half asleep because seriously I’d have threatened her father. I hate people that don’t discipline their kids. News flash morons, if you don’t teach a 5 year old discipline, she won’t learn it at 10 or 12 or even later. There seriously should be a fucking competency test before people procreate or adopt. Now I have to study yet again for the fucking MPRE. When do I move out of this putrid city again???