Anyone have 90K they want to lend…that’s how much I owe in federal and private loans!  That’s what I get for going to law school. I could have a nice 3 bedroom house in Orange County, NY by now if I were working fr the past 3 years. Aren’t regrets fabulous! I have the MPRE again on Saturday. I really have no idea. The strategies and tactics book gives great advice and hopefully it will work this time. I’ve been so tired lately. I can barely get out of bed. At first I thought it was AF but she’s gone now and I still feel like shit every morning. I may have to go back to the doctor (a different one) that clinic is not competent and I can’t really trust their results. Who knows. I have a different doctor’s appointment for monday. I like this old crazy doctor of mine (gyn). He’s something else. Other than that, that’s about it. Going to Riker’s Island tomorrow with Attorney to see two of his clients and in the afternoon we may head uptown for some investigation. I’ve never been to Riker’s, I have no idea how to get there. We’ll see how it goes.