Finally cleaned out that closet in the hallway. the wedding dress will have somewhere to go now. I plan to clean out my closet here in the bedroom also and transfer some of the clothes (maybe my work clothes and dresses) out there too. Some shoes also. Probably won’t get to do that this weekend but it needs to be done and the most important part is out of the way. I have to study for the stupid MPRE again. It’s next Saturday. I’m half way through the Emanuel Strategies and Tactics book and when we come back from seeing the niece, nephew and D’s sister and brother-in-law. I’ll do the rest of the book and the other book I have. Work was cool yesterday. I was in court all day. Well we went back to the office to interview a client. There is one major part of his story that is off so we’re going back uptown to the scene of the incident of wednesday. My attorney complimented me on my writing skills for the research memo I wrote about the case and coming from an English major, that was cool. He’s not the first to comment on my writing skills though. I probably should have become a journalist. I’m off.

84 days till graduation!!


ETA: I forgot to add. My attorney usually walk with me towards the train station. I always plan to go to the Strawberry or the other clothing store across the street. They usually have some cute stuff that I want to go see but when he’s with me, I have to pass by and then the train station is like 5 blocks away so why walk all the way back there. LOL. There was this real cute brown dress with a white leaf print in the Strawberry window. I don’t know when I’ll get it. Maybe one day next week I’ll go over there on a day when I’m not going onto the internship to check those stores out. Ah to be a girl sometimes.