What a long day! Test results are all good, perfect in fact. So no lupus, thyroid problems, or even anemia anymore. Doctor wants me to have an xray on my sinuses though they’re still pretty swollen and I’ve had nose bleeds for almost 2 weeks. OH well. May try to go to the gym tomorrow for the first time. I have a training routine, I’ll see if it works. Have a wedding dress to fit into. Emailed two people about helping plan my wedding. My doctor recommended it since I have way too much on my plate right now and the wedding is causing the most stress along with my job prospects and finances and graduation/the bar.

Ordered the wedding dress from the protected post yesterday. Cheaper than I expected to pay at RK Bridal. I ordered a size 8, even though my measurements are a little off here and there. I figure with working out I’ll be ok. The measurements are off by an inch or two.