LOL well, I got my new license in the mail a few days ago. I finally ordered the drivers abstract I need for my NJ bar application. I think all that’s left is to have a lawyer sign the certification sections, get a money order for the fee and then send that baby out! NY application still not available but the board of examiners website says mid-March! It’s all happening. It’s so real but feels weird. I’ve been doing some PMBR multiple choice questions since I didn’t go to school. Can’t dig out my car and the LIRR sucks ass as usual. I will force myself to go in tomorrow though. 103 days to graduation! Single digits this week! Friday is our 8 year anniversary. How strange is that! We’ve been together so long, we’ve probably forgotten more moments than most people have before getting married. I love it though. We have a long history and he knows, he owes me 30 years of marriage on top of the 9 years before marriage. He promised and I’m sure he’ll keep it. Off to study some more and cook some dinner.