I’m on a serious cleaning kick. It started the way it always does, with me intending to do one simple thing that snowballs. I wanted to clean the bathroom, so I decied to vacuum the carpet in there first then the capet in the front room and hall ways and living room. Then I cleaned the stove and swept the kitchen floor and then finished cleaning the bathroom almost coughed out my lungs from all the bleach even with the window open. Then I decided to do what I intended to do on Friday. organize the papers I had all over the place and put them in the file box I finally got from my mom’s house. I started cleaning at 11am. Still not finished. These cleaning kicks are hilarious though. At least they get the shit done. I was crying just now. I decided to clean all the old papers from like college out of the file box and I found a letter from ex-bestfriend. It’s so sad to read it now. I’m going to send it to her in the mail and see what happens. I’m really still upset and hurt that she would decide she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore. I’m honestly a great friend. You tell me you need me and I’m there. You call at 2 am when I’m in bed and if you need to talk I’ll listen. I’m joining Bally’s. I got a great deal, it will be like $16.50 a month for the first year. The one closest to home has a parking lot i think so I can drive over there with no worries! D did the craziest dance when I told him I was joining a gym. It was so funny. he then said he really wants me to be healthy. I try to eat mostly healthy but I have been slacking with working out. There’s another one on 19th and 6th in Manhattan so if I want to go after work (Legal Aid) it is pretty convenient. Back to work! Hope everyone else has a blessed day!