I had the most ridiculous day today!

Dropped the iron on the floor this morning. Got to court late because yahoo maps said the 4,5, and 6 stop at Canal st. Of course the 4 doesn’t stop there and i end up at 14th sreet have to catch the 4 back to City Hall and then take the 6 to Canal st. Got to see the pen at work (where they keep the defendants) had a crazy token booth clerk tell me “are you a lawyer, please say you are because I hope you’re not going to 100 centre street to see pookie, you look too classy for that, you should leave that to nae nae and dem” lmao. Went to the hardware store and got the vent kit we need for the new dryer, a new club for the stearing wheel till I can get an alarm put in, and had copies of the car key made. Walked by the car to check to make sure the spare key work properly and to my horror, D’s dad put the club on the steering wheel and of course it won’t come off since there’s no key for it (my dad’s old club, hence the reason I just bought a new one today). So I am pissed. Had to ask the super to fix it and then it took like 45 minutes and I had to drive the car across the street while the club was still on. Ugh what a fucking terrible day.