Got the Princeton Review job. I checked on the website and the pay is $15-25 starting. I’m hoping they give me $20 an hour but I’ll take whatever at this point. I need the gas money and bar exam filing fees. I’m filing out the NJ Bar exam right now! It’s such a long ass process. I need to have an attorney like witness my signature on some of the pages. I’ll ask my favorite professor at school I think. If all goes well I’ll send it out maybe Monday or by the end of next week. It’s $475 if filed by March 30, it goes up after. NY is still $250 I think. It’s not out yet though. It’s really happening. I’m applying for bar exams. I also plan to keep working at Princeton Review if I can after I get my first job. The extra money will help towards the wedding and house down payment. I can also do more hours maybe while waiting to apply for jobs if I don’t find one before school ends.