first thing’s first (why do I now have Biggie in my head)!! LOL

119 days till graduation!

Less than 15 months to the wedding! Not doing a moving countdown for awhile longer but projected to be December or January. Saw a dream house in Kenilworth but I really want to ultimately (like w/in 5-10 years) move the Cranford, it has virtually no crime, very residential suburbia, great schools, all that jazz including high property taxes and few houses below $400K. We may get a condo or coop in Union county by the end of the year though. May either sell it when we want to have kids/a school age child and then move to Cranford.

Last but certainly not least….

Dad brought me the paperwork (title and bill of sale), I’m going to the DMV Tuesday morning before I head to school to register it. Still considering vanity plates. The one I want is still available but not telling till I decide if I want them.