Got back from the final driving lesson. The guy says he thinks I will do well. I am about to call the old driving guy and tell him I don’t need him to take me to the road test tomorrow. LOL. His car is such a piece of crap! transmission is going, it pulls to the right so the wheel is never straight then when you step on the gas it hardly moves and sounds like you’re racing the engine. Not taking that trap to the road test again. I better pass this time. No word on the camry yet. About to write a late paper for crim clinic and then do some PMBR. I may baby sit my little sister tomorrow.

Some good news for a change, I got a call from Princeton Review. I have an interview/audition next Thursday and then if they like my style I’ll get to start training in February on the weekends. I think way back when I applied the salary was like $20 an hour. I can work 10 hours on the weekend and still make about $200. That would be so great now that I’ll be a gas consumer. I can also keep doing it after I find a real legal job on the side, I mean we have a wedding to pay for and a house to buy even before that!