I guess I forgot to post that it was D’s 27th birthday yesterday! We did nothing. I went to school, he stayed home. I got that last grade and thankfully it was an A. I got an A in a 5 credit class! I got a B and three not good grades! 16 credits down though, that’s all that matters. I need 14 more credits and it’s over. Law School graduate. At this point, I just want a job where I’ll make the most money, not because I’m materialist but because I I have so much money to payback. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t regret the debt I put myself in, just going to law school. Regardless of my desire to be in this profession, I hate debt. Other than school loans I have no debt. It’s not my style. Debt in my opinion is like a noose around your neck and someone waiting to kick the chair from under your feet.