If today and yesterday are any indication of what my semester will be like, I think I’ll be dropping out of law school, during the last semester. Highlights of my day thus far, woke up took the 3 train that crawled all the way to Atlantic, almost missed the LIRR train, caught the train. Got to Jamaica to find out that there’s no main line service. Huntington train has been sitting there for several minutes. Call school, let them know I won’t be showing up and to notify my professor as this is my only class of the day. 4 hour round strip ride for a 1 hour class. Decide to go home because it’s after 9 am and I won’t make it to this class. Take LIRR back to brooklyn, have to pay extra $2 because it’s now peak hours. Pay the money grudgingly eventhough they never got me to my fucking destination in the first place. Get off, my $7 fun pass since I was going to pick up my student loan checks that the Bursar refused to give me yesterday since I didn’t have my checkbook to write out check for balance of tuition. Fun pass is pretty useless now. Go to bank anyway since I finally decided to carry in the change I’ve been saving for the last almost year or so. End up depositing the $148 into my checking account, maybe I wouldn’t have had to pay that $33 overdraft fee last month if I had decided to deposit it earlier. Metrocard decides not to work when I am at Flatbush so I have to get the booth clerk to fix it (cellphone bent it in my pocket) got drenched finally getting home (always happens to me) regardless of having an umbrella. No food since Yummy Taco still wasn’t open at 10:50 when I decided to get back on the train. I now have romaine lettuce, string cheese, skim milk, strawberries and bananas. Welcome to my shitty day, from an even shittier life. I always wonder what makes me get out of bed in the mornings…


ETA 129 days until graduation unless someone puts me out of my misery and my last 2 grades still aren’t in and yes they were due yesterday.

ETA2- another rant. Cingular blows! I hate their customer service. My phone does this weird blue screen and no it’s not wet, never fell in water nothing. It’s done it 3 times in the last month. I called earlier this month and they said if it happens again you call back and you’ll get  a new phone…I call again and of course the warranty people have no record of me calling before so I have to call again. So I call back awhile later and of course it takes forever, I get disconnected the number for warranty doesn’t go through on our home phone. 2 hours of wasted time. From beginning to end, this day has throughly sucked.