Had my interview with the Legal Aid Society supervisor today. I was about 15 minutes late, which I hate but it almost couldn’t be avoided. It was cool meeting with him and under the student practice order, the second half of the semester, I’ll be representing clients in court. Most likely it will be homeless people pleading guilty to lesser charges. I’m so excited. I’ll be graduating in like 4 months! So I saw this shirt in a little store today and it was so funny. It’s a black shirt with a gun on the front and it says “Welcome to New York, Duck Motherfucker” I’m so buying that shirt and wearing it to Day 2 of the NY bar exam. I’ll make sure I wear a sweatshirt over it but it’s showin’ when I walk out the door. LOL. I’m going to work in Mahattan, just like I wanted.

Explanation for why I don’t want to work in Queens:

When I was in HS at Brooklyn Tech, my junior year my mom and my sister’s dad bought a house in Laurelton. It would take me 1.5-2 hours (each way) every day to go to Tech. I chose to do it because I worked hard to get into Tech and I refused to go to a zone school that was not up to par curriculum-wise after all the work I’d put in. When I was in college, we moved back to Brooklyn and I had to commute to Stony Brook the last year and a half since living on campus was a waste of money (I had a job at a hospital in Brooklyn and with that income I could pay for school out of pocket and not take out loans). That commute was about 2 hours each way. Then law school, I decided to go to CUNY and that was another 1.5 hour commute. So now I’m at Touro and last year I lived near campus so I didn’t have a real commute to worry about but the house got sold and the dorms weren’t letting in any more students, so I had to commute this year, another 1.5-2 hours. So add it all up and I’ve commuted for several hours a day for 5 years. I don’t feel like having to do that to work in Queens this time.