Just when I was about to complain about all the lemons that life throws at me, a little bit of sugar comes along also. So I got my placement for my crim law clinic for this semester and just as I thought, I’m placed in legal aid. OK. Then I read the email and I am supposed to be in Queens! Ok for those that don’t get it. I live in Brooklyn. I don’t even know where the courts are in Queens and after living there for 3 years (in HS and beginning of college), having to go to school there my first year of law school, I don’t want to have to travel to Queens. Also I’m the only intern from the program there, all the other legal aid placements are in Manhattan. So I emailed my Prof and he says he may be able to get me into Manhattan. Yay me! My clinic placement also helps me out since now it will fullfil my pro bono requirement with school. Finally everything falling into place!